A Clear Review of ClearShield

February 28, 2011
One of the options available with your frameless glass shower door from RexShowerDoors.com is the application of ClearShield – a surface protectant chemical. Some of you may be considering this option and may wonder if it’s really worth the extra money. This author would like to give you his personal review of the product.

My shower looks pretty similar to the one in the picture (left).  I opted for ClearShield. Now, according to ClearShield, the product is supposed to keep your glass looking cleaner longer,  protect it from mildew, prevent mineral buildup, and make it easier to clean.  I will agree with all  of those points except maybe for the easier to clean part.

We apply the ClearShield chemical to the glass after the glass is manufactured.  There is an additional product called AfterCare that all customers receive with their purchase of ClearShield. AfterCare is a solution that comes in a spray bottle that is designed to be applied to the glass  about every 3 weeks or so.  Using the AfterCare increases the warranty of ClearShield to 10 years.  The directions say to spray on the AfterCare and polish it off with a soft cloth.  I’ve had my shower for about 9 months so far and about once a month I apply the AfterCare and do a full cleaning of my shower.

I will say that the glass still looks brand new, especially considering I’ve only cleaned it really about 10 times. Polishing the AfterCare off and getting the glass streak free and beautiful again is the part that takes a little bit of elbow grease.  I should mention that I also quickly squeegee the water off the glass after each shower. Not doing this will allow more water spots to form and will make the monthly cleaning difficult.

So in conclusion, I personally feel the investment in the surface protectant is worth it.  But you still have to put some effort into frequently squeegeeing and applying the AfterCare.  Doing this two things will keep your glass looking spotless from day to day.

7 Responses to “A Clear Review of ClearShield”

  1. BowserB says:

    I can’t help but wonder what that “After Care” product is. That is, is it a kind of annuity for the Clear Shield company? You buy the protection product, but you have to spend additional money forever, every three weeks, to keep the warranty in place. Plus, it doesn’t even make the glass easier to clean? Sounds like snake oil to me.

  2. Have you heard of ShowerGuard before? It’s really good!

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